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From standing still to solving global problems

Today, you might be stuck in the job you need, but at UPS, you can get the future you want. As a growing, dynamic Fortune 50 organization, we have the kind of opportunities that will help you go as far as your ambition will take you.

You’re ready for bigger things, and we’ll get you moving in the right direction.

Hefty benefits for heavy lifting.

Being a Package Handler at UPS is all about keeping the process running smooth and on schedule, around the clock. And whether you work full time or part time, you’ll collaborate with a team of hardworking individuals, do what you do best and know your efforts are having an impact on a global scale. In fact, approximately 82% of the UPS workforce is involved in freight and package handling, driving motor vehicles, or both.

Of course, there are opportunities for seasonal jobs during the winter and summer holidays for Part-time Package Handlers.

What You Need

In this physical and fast–paced position, package handlers continually lift, lower and slide package between 10 and 30 kgs. Working hours are 5–7,5 hours a day, Monday through Friday. We also offer a variety of extra hours throughout day and evening to make the world work better for you.


As a UPS Driver, you’re an ambassador to the community, to neighbors and to friends. As part of our worldwide fleet, you put a face and a voice to UPS’s global initiatives with a warm smile, a friendly greeting and impeccable service.

What You Need

This is no walk in the park. It may be fun and exciting, but it’s also physical and fast-paced. You must pass a DOT physical exam and have the ability to operate a standard (manual) transmission vehicle.

Please note that you must have BC driving licence to drive UPS delivery car. In addition you should have C–licence competence (kuljettajan ammattip?tevyys in Finnish). You have ability to lift, lower and maneuver packages between 25 to 70 lbs, depending on the roll. If you work as a Feeder–driver, you must hold CE driving licence and C-licence competence.

Sales Opportunities

Take a business from an idea to what it is today. As a UPS Sales professional, you can feel confident selling for a company that sets the standard in reliability. Having the UPS name behind you as a sales person opens doors. You'll join a diverse team of experts, who deliver cutting–edge innovations throughout the world of global commerce. And with nearly $50 billion in revenue, opportunities are everywhere.

It's all about customization. Whether it's creating business solutions, improving critical measures of performance or meeting environmental objectives, your ingenuity and intellect serve to meet these challenges, each and every day.

What You Need

We seek out individuals who are masters in the field, ready to take on the challenges ahead of them and passionate about taking their sales and solutions careers to the next level.

A true showcase of your unique talents for a global audience.

A position in Business Management or Corporate is a true showcase of your natural leadership, planning and organizational skills to a global audience. From communications and consulting to human resources and risk management, your unique talents keep UPS and its customers moving forward.

As a leader in our highly disparate team, you’ll collaborate with other brilliant minds and have the ability to do what you do best—developing cost-effective, strategic business solutions that help synchronize the world of commerce. And whether you start with UPS straight out of school like many of our senior managers did, or arrive with years of valuable experience, everyone at UPS has the opportunity to grow.

What You Need

Are you ready to help lead UPS into tomorrow? If you have unparalleled leadership abilities and a strong will to succeed, UPS is ready to nurture your skills and take them to the next level.


What You Need

Our unique environment brings together a highly diverse group of individuals of different backgrounds, educations and aspirations. If you'd like to call UPS your home, you'll need a strong will to succeed and an unparalleled passion for what you do. If you're ready to take the world of business to another level, our team is waiting to hear from you.