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As a UPS Driver, you’re an ambassador to the community, to neighbors and to friends. As part of our worldwide fleet, you put a face and a voice to UPS’s global initiatives with a warm smile, a friendly greeting and impeccable service.

What You Need

This is no walk in the park. It may be fun and exciting, but it’s also physical and fast-paced. You must pass a DOT physical exam and have the ability to operate a standard (manual) transmission vehicle.

Please note that you must have BC driving licence to drive UPS delivery car. In addition you should have C–licence competence (kuljettajan ammattip?tevyys in Finnish) . You have ability to lift, lower and maneuver packages between 25 to 70 lbs, depending on the roll. If you work as a Feeder–driver, you must hold CE driving licence and C-licence competence.


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