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Management Training Programs

In your career, you may be considering to one day occupy a position of manager at UPS.

For this UPS has a management development purpose and process identical in all countries of the world: MAPP (Management Assessment and Promotion Process).

Success in this process allows employees to enter into a "pool" from which will come all new UPS managers.

This is selected by the following steps:

  • 1st: assessment of ability to enter by your current management
  • 2nd: online test as QCM (related to management, problem solving ...)
  • 3rd: layouts managerial position in English by 3 members of the Executive Committee

This selection process also applies lorsqu'UPS recruiting a manager from outside the company. An external candidate passes these tests during phases of recruitment.

Internal training (face or e–learning) help our employees succeed the steps. They may be offered in an individual support plan during Feedback provided to each candidate after passing the various tests.


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