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Our values, our purpose, our mission!

Empowering careers and commerce around the globe calls on values, purpose and mission that drives us.

We are concerned by the environment and the society we live and work in. Promoting social responsibility and environmental conservation is UPS' purpose.

Social engagement / Fondation UPS :

With actions supporting our social responsibility, UPS employees give help where is needed.

For example, we take action in schools, day nursery or associations. In 2014, 498 UPS employees in France took action in associations, which represents more than 2500 hours of volunteering. UPS Foundation brought financial aids, about $118000, to these associations.

Globally speaking, UPS Foundation donated more than $50M to 4800 associations all over the world.

Our values, our deep beliefs.

  • Integrity, Excellence, Customer service and Innovation are in the heart of our activity :
  • Integrity is a part of our philosophy and inspires our actions
  • Our constructive criticism leads us to Excellence
  • Customer service : bringing solutions to our customers and our society is the key of our success.
  • Innovation : Creativity and change are the fundamentals to our evolution and growth

Our Purpose - Why We’re in Business

  • We enable global commerce.

Our mission : what we seek to achieve

  • We are "United to serve" and we bring solutions to our customers all over the world in retail, logistics, finance and insurance, offering excellence and value in all we do
  • We inspire our people and business partners to do their best, offering opportunities for personal development and success
  • We make a difference in the commmunities we serve as a responsible, caring and sustainable company

UPS Enterprise Strategy

Create Value, Transform, and Invest to Grow

Create value for customers using our superior portfolio of logistics capabilities

  • Demonstrate how the power of logistics can create a competitive advantage for our customers.
  • Offer products and services that expand our customers' access to global markets.
  • Configure our broad portfolio of solutions for targeted industries.
  • Offer industry-leading technology that simplifies and improves our customers' business processes.

Continually transform to strengthen our leadership position

  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Apply marketing and sales excellence to drive profitable growth.Apply marketing and sales excellence to drive profitable growth.
  • Enhance performance through quality, efficiency, and technology.

Invest to accelerate growth in key markets and new opportunities

  • Accelerate growth by leveraging our global network and scale.
  • Build our infrastructure and presence in key emerging markets.
  • Expand our offerings of integrated logistics solutions.

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