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Sorters, are part of our business.

UPS sorters should ensure a smooth process in time. And whether you work full time or part time, you’ll collaborate with a team of hardworking individuals, do what you do best and know your efforts are having an impact on a global scale.

UPS offers you the opportunity to develop and to build your confidence, through various means. Indeed, our international position, our internal promotion strategy open to all job levels, and our training policy (including apprenticeship) gives you the chance to customize your career path to ensure you get where you want.

Logistics Clerks

Logistics clerks provide both the handling, preparation and shipment of goods. These missions involve, from the logistics clerks, strong adaptability and development of its multitasks Administrative tasks may complete its activity. The use of lifting equipment may require obtaining appropriate licence (CACES) for logistics clerks.

Logistics clerks position is physical and rythmic; they, drop and drag parcels weighing between 25 and 70 kilos. Good physical condition is necessary in order to be successful in the tasks entrusted.

Dock Agent / Agent Tri / Logistics Officer:

The sorter is in charge of loading, scaning and sorting packages. To perform his/her tasks, she/he is adaptable and multitasks She/he is dynamic and physically resistant.

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Those positions may also be part time positions. We can offer day shift or night shift work hours. If you are looking for a part time job, as a financial support for your sutdies, apply for a UPS part-time sorter position.

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