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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Asking the right questions makes the world work better.

1. What can you tell me about the importance of Diversity at UPS?

As a global organization that does business in over 220 countries, UPS embraces diversity at every level. With our unmatched ethical practices and promote from within culture, employees have an opportunity to grow and succeed within the organization. At the heart of all that we do, diversity allows us to bring different perspectives together and help the world work better for everyone.

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2. How does the promote–from–within culture help support career development at every level?

We also encourage employees to pursue and accomplish their educational goals, availing themselves of our Education Reimbursement Program and In–House Training.

3. What advice would you give to women who want to build a career with UPS?

From the driver’s seat to the executive suite, women play a leading role at every level of UPS. We understand the importance of staying true to your needs and believe that when you’re doing what you do best, the sky is the limit. We also encourage you continually enhance your abilities, both professionally and personally. To help you, we offer several programs, including Women’s Leadership Development (WLD), which will assist you in developing the knowledge, skills and values necessary to confidently step into a leadership role within UPS.

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4. How does new technology enable employees to best serve customers?

What does it take to track up to 50 million packages in a single day? A fine-tuned team of innovative technology employees for starters. And, of course, the most innovative infrastructure for package handling, delivery and supply chain solutions the world has ever known. Our commitment to technology means having the right tools for every assignment, like using a hand-held Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) as a single point of digital tracking for every package a UPSer delivers. With over 97,000 DIADs collecting and distributing package delivery data in the field, the efficiencies really add up for our employees, our customers and our bottom line.

In fact, UPS spends more than $1 billion a year on information technology, so we can provide customers with unparalleled tracking and distribution intelligence. But it doesn’t stop there. Our line of products and services used by our customers continue to redefine the way the world does business. That’s logistics. That’s UPS.

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5. Does UPS provide training to its employees?

Going the extra mile for our customers means having the right talent in the right place at the right time. That’s why we’re constantly challenging every member of our team to take the next step in their career. Here at UPS, we believe education is an ongoing process. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering rewarding opportunities that can take you anywhere you want to go. You’ll have the freedom to forge your own career path, while gaining the tools you need for continued growth within the company.

Our training programs help you understand the business and expose you to multiple opportunities at every level of the organization—no matter where you want your career to go.

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6. What can you tell me about UPS’s global reach?

As the leading package delivery company and global leader in supply chain solutions, we’re passionate about bringing better ways to orchestrate everything from complex international distribution networks to local business deliveries. Doing business in over 220 countries, UPS team members deliver the very best for billions of customers every day.

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7. What’s it like to be a seasonal Driver Helper at UPS?

As a seasonal driver helper, you’re an ambassador to the community, to neighbors and to friends. As part of our worldwide fleet, you put a face and a voice to UPS’s global initiatives with a warm smile, a friendly greeting and impeccable service.

Physical and fast-paced, you’ll build a rapport with the driver and work as a team to deliver the best in service to each and every customer along the way. Equal parts reward and challenge, it’s a great opportunity to earn extra income, while gaining first hand experience within the UPS culture.

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8. What is it like to be a UPS Part-time Package handler if you are a student?

At UPS, we believe education is an on-going process. That’s why we strive to help employees in furthering and achieving their educational goals. Through our education reimbursement program UPS helps the world work better for students who call UPS home.

Hear what David, a Part-time Package Handler and college student, has to say about working at UPS and how it helps make his world work better:

9. What is it like to work as a UPS Part-time Package Handler as a second job?

With flexible shifts available, UPS provides an opportunity for people to earn additional income while working a consistent shift, in a great team environment, with great benefits and weekends off.

10. What is it like to work as a UPS Inside Sales Representative?

As a UPS sales professional, you can feel confident selling for a company that sets the standard in reliability. Having the UPS name behind you as a sales person opens doors. You’ll join a diverse team of experts, who deliver cutting-edge innovations throughout the world of global commerce. Whether it’s creating business solutions, improving critical measures of performance or meeting environmental objectives, your ingenuity and intellect serve to meet these challenges, each and everyday.

Hear what Lulu, a UPS Inside Sales Representative, has to say about working at UPS and how it helps make her world work better:


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