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Our Company's mission is to satisfy the needs of our Clients. All Employees devote their time, skills, and competencies to keep our Customers happy and to make them feel that they are dealing with professionals. We know that the long hours that our Employees spend engaging in work demand recognition not only in the form of timely paid remunerations, but also in terms of fringe benefits. We are fully aware of the importance of the work–life balance, hence we co–finance Benefit Multisport and Benefit Multikino cards for our Employees. Each UPS Employee is also entitled to healthcare services provided by the Lux Med group. To feel safe, our people can take out life insurance at AMPLICO LIFE. Those going on foreign business trips are included in the SOS Program scheme. As an additional benefit, we offer our Employees the opportunity to participate in a Pension Scheme. We are thinking about their future. To us, a person is valuable in a long–term perspective, it is important that we feel safe not only today, but also tomorrow.


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