Two male UPS workers at a storage facility, , one in green and one in a UPS uniform, look down and discuss an order.

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UPS Polska has led and supported volunteer initiatives among its Employees since the day it was established in Poland. As a socially engaged organisation, UPS Polska puts special emphasis on ecology. This year, the Company decided for the first time to launch a forestation campaign. With the collaboration of the Alter Eko Foundation and under the supervision of qualified foresters, 200 Employees of UPS Polska planted a total of 500 trees in the so–called Green Pits in the Chojnów Natural Park. The samplings will give rise to a new forest formation in this area. Foundations, associations, and other public benefit organisations often receive grants from the UPS Foundation, which are awarded upon request of the Employees. Moreover, an organisation can receive support only if the Employees have worked for it as volunteers for at least 50 hours. In the case of the Gajusz Foundation, the collaboration started in 2010. From this year on, the Company has actively supported the construction of a Hospice for Orphaned Children. From the very beginning of the partnership, the Volunteers from UPS have worked for a total of 309 hours for the Gajusz Foundation. For example, last Autumn, 29 people from the UPS facility in Łódź dug a 1.5–metre deep and some 45–metre long ditch for pipes feeding the Hospice's heating system. Furthermore, UPS also helps to transport furniture or building materials to the centre under construction. From its establishment in 1907, UPS has been active in the domain of corporate social responsibility. Our actions are aimed at helping local communities all over the world. In principle, we support programmes focusing on social issues, such as safety, effectiveness of non‑profit initiatives, education, economic awareness, ecology, or promotion of diversity.


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