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People Development

According to our Company philosophy, the Employees represent the most valuable asset of UPS. Indeed, the ambience and mood in the workplace are created by people. We care for our Employees' satisfaction, and we constantly monitor the level of their engagement in order to immediately identify problems that can cause work effectiveness and efficiency to decrease. We are committed to developing competencies related to both fulfilling one's duties and inspiring a positive atmosphere, good relations, and motivation. In our Company, we focus on developing our people, thus we pay special attention to trainings. We offer third–party trainings as well as internally organised workshops. Moreover, we send our employees to UPS facilities abroad so that they can see how their colleagues in other places in the world perform their work. To grow the Company and to outmatch the ever–improving competitors, we need to select employees in the best possible and most careful manner. We have developed tools that help us to identify persons having the potential for further strong professional development and, as a result, for growing the Company. We conduct, among others, internal traineeship programmes, which enable our Employees to learn how other departments function and how work is done in other cities and countries or even on other continents.


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