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Work Environment

Every day, we spend many hours at work, thus it is important that we have a sense of security in the workplace. According to UPS, safety depends on both satisfying all the OSH requirements and following the procedures applicable to particular situations. Since people are in the centre of our concerns, we assign primary importance to the Safe Work Methods. We believe that safety of warehouse workers is essential. We pay much attention to eliminating all threats from our daily workplace activities. Day by day, we work on improvements that guarantee safety. As a transportation company, we put special emphasis on safe driving principles. Our philosophy states that we are safe by choice, not by chance. Each day, through our caution, concentration, and adherence to safe driving principles we minimise the risk of accidents. Safe work methods is important to every UPSer. The personal safety of all employees is a core value at UPS. UPS Safe Work Methods supports the fact that no job is so important that you have to risk injury to get it done. As an employee of UPS, we want to embrace safety as a personal value and adopt personal accountability for safe work performance. It is expected to set high standards to ensure a safe environment in which people work and the methods employee use. One of our beliefs is that everything is possible provided that we talk about it and then translate our conclusions into specific action plans. This is why we hold regular meetings of department representatives at which we discuss the most important — from the Company's perspective — interpersonal matters, employee issues, and proposed initiatives. We appreciate the Employees' ideas and we facilitate the reporting of problem issues — because we respect every Employee's point of view. Furthermore, UPS follows an open door policy. In practice, every Employee who feels the need to talk to a Director can come to the person, skipping all the unnecessary formalities. Everyone has the possibility to talk freely and have a discussion with a member of the Company's management. Still, the Employees are obliged to respect a certain hierarchy. Our overarching goal is to build professional relations among all Employees, irrespective of individuals' competencies and scopes of responsibility.


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