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Working at UPS

Learn more about who we are and what makes working at UPS so rewarding.

Work Environment

Every day, we spend many hours at work, thus it is important that we have a sense of security in the workplace. According to UPS, safety depends on both satisfying all the OSH requirements and following the procedures applicable to particular situations. Since people are in the centre of our concerns, we assign primary importance to the Safe Work Methods. We believe that safety of warehouse workers is essential. We pay much attention to eliminating all threats from our daily workplace activities. Day by day, we work on improvements that guarantee safety. As a transportation company, we put special emphasis on safe driving principles. Our philosophy states that we are safe by choice, not by chance. Each day, through our caution, concentration, and adherence to safe driving principles we minimise the risk of accidents. Safe work methods is important to every UPSer. The personal safety of all employees is a core value at UPS. UPS Safe Work Methods supports the fact that no job is so important that you have to risk injury to get it done. As an employee of UPS, we want to embrace safety as a personal value and adopt personal accountability for safe work performance. It is expected to set high standards to ensure a safe environment in which people work and the methods employee use. One of our beliefs is that everything is possible provided that we talk about it and then translate our conclusions into specific action plans. This is why we hold regular meetings of department representatives at which we discuss the most important — from the Company's perspective — interpersonal matters, employee issues, and proposed initiatives. We appreciate the Employees' ideas and we facilitate the reporting of problem issues — because we respect every Employee's point of view. Furthermore, UPS follows an open door policy. In practice, every Employee who feels the need to talk to a Director can come to the person, skipping all the unnecessary formalities. Everyone has the possibility to talk freely and have a discussion with a member of the Company's management. Still, the Employees are obliged to respect a certain hierarchy. Our overarching goal is to build professional relations among all Employees, irrespective of individuals' competencies and scopes of responsibility.

People at UPS

People are the foundation of our organisation. Our strength results from the willingness to reach a common goal. We value human rights and diversity. We treat our Employees fairly, without any favouritism. We think that impartiality constitutes a basis of loyal, motivated teams. We maintain an environment free from harassment and discrimination. What we expect of our Employees is diligence, which lays at the foundations of our Company's manner of operation. We call each other by name because we want to create a friendly, informal atmosphere. We foster team work since we know the importance of cooperation for further success of our Company.

Learn About Our People


Logistic Clerk

I started my career by cooperating with a small courier firm in 2001 in Lodz. As a result of the reorganization of the company, I continued working, but now with a new employer, with Messenger Service Stolica S.A., which as a result of the merger of the companies became UPS Polska Sp. z o. o. I started by introducing letters into the system. My next steps were Assistant to Settlement Assistant, Senior Settlement Worker and currently Operating Worker.

UPS is not only a well–known brand on the market, but also a good employer who knows how to motivate you in your daily work and offers opportunities for personal development. Working in a well–coordinated team of people gives me a lot of satisfaction, motivates me every day to address new challenges, but is also teaching me to respect others. UPS is also a place where I can find fulfillment in volunteering. Organizing help for others as well as encouraging colleagues to participate in charitable activities is one of the ways to personal fulfillment. And the smile I receive in exchange from each child is my biggest reward.

My greatest passion is traveling. With equal fascination I discover new countries and new nooks in Poland. Every holiday, even the shortest one, is a trip to new places, meeting new people, because this is the way in which I rest best. The short, free moments that I can get in a regular work week are primarily for exercise — this is my recipe for relaxation.


Director of Marketing

I have been working at UPS since February 2013. Till September 2015 hold the position of Director of Marketing, and now I am East District Marketing Manager. I hold the position of Director of Marketing. When I first started working here, I had a very limited grasp of how marketing functions at UPS. I was also not an expert in the field of the courier market. However, relying on my previous professional experience, I knew that the main expectation related to working in the marketing department is creating strategies and the promotion of sustainable, profitable growth. Thus, my first year was spent learning about the industry, but it was also a period in which I could use my knowledge of strategy and marketing for both the practical and theoretical. UPS turned out to be a company that was open to my ideas while supporting me in my development.

UPS is a challenge for me and an opportunity to test my knowledge in a completely different, and until recently unknown, area. As a company with a long tradition and a very strong position in the world, it has well developed procedures, methods of operation and understanding of the market. UPS teaches me prudence in action and that the smallest operational detail matters.

My passion is for roses. I like good literature and my garden. I am also interested in people and their behavior.


European Account Executive Healthcare Sector

I started working at UPS in 2004, while I was still studying. My first occupation was in telephone customer service. With the passage of a few months, once I got to know the processes within the company quite well, I was appointed to explain the estimated arrival of shipments, which in those days was much more difficult since we did not have at our disposal such advanced tools for monitoring packages as those we have today. After a few months, my responsibilities changed significantly. I moved to the Sales Department to the position of Telesales Specialist, where I had to actively care for a designated group of companies and acquire new ones. Initially, I dealt with companies that sent regular but small amounts of shipments. My completion of tasks, commitment and desire for development resulted in receiving further opportunities at UPS, and this led me to the place where I am today. In the position of Key Accounts Specialist, I have the pleasure of working with the largest companies in our country.

I remember my first encounter with UPS… I immediately knew that I wanted to work here. Stability, flexible working hours, a pleasant atmosphere and opportunities for development were important to me. And I had it all here! I must admit that back then I did not realize how big of an organization this is and what development opportunities it offers. This is precisely what I value most about our company. For me, UPS is a company that has very clear rules on the recruitment and promotion of staff, and there are many paths for development.

I was very lucky that I found myself at UPS. I have the opportunity to work with people who, in addition to focusing on the implementation of the tasks assigned to them, also pay a lot of attention to the training of each employee. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

My interests include playing sports as well as healthy eating. In accordance with the maxim "healthy body, healthy mind", I place a lot of importance on regular physical activity. I try to devote at least a few hours a week to being active, which, together with a well–balanced diet, recharges my 'batteries' with positive energy.


Sales Operation Manager

I have been working at UPS since February 2013. Till September 2015 hold the position of Marketing Manager in Poland, and now I am East District Marketing Manager. When I first started working here, I had a very limited grasp of how marketing functions at UPS. I was also not an expert in the field of the courier market. However, relying on my previous professional experience, I knew that the main expectation related to working in the marketing department is creating strategies and the promotion of sustainable, profitable growth. Thus, my first year was spent learning about the industry, but it was also a period in which I could use my knowledge of strategy and marketing for both the practical and theoretical. UPS turned out to be a company that was open to my ideas while supporting me in my development.

For me, UPS is my people, atmosphere and safety.

My interests are on the one hand very creative — design, including computer graphics, and on the other hand, cognitive — people, new technologies and new media.


Access Point Manager

I have been involved with the courier industry since 2000, when I started working in the former office of the MS Stolica company in Gdańsk as a debt specialist. After two years, I was offered a transfer to Warsaw and the position of Head of Audit and Settlement of Couriers. In 2005, after the acquisition of Stolica by UPS, I took over the supervision of the generally understood Billing and all the processes of settlement in the UPS company. In 2013, I received an amazing opportunity to work for the group of Alpine countries (Switzerland, Austria and Hungary). I spent most of the time in Budapest, where I helped with the reorganization of the financial processes as Head of the Finance Department. In June 2014, the next challenge presented itself to me. I received a promotion to the position of Director and I am responsible for the creation of UPS Access Point networks in Poland.

UPS is not just a place of work. Through a number of years of working at UPS, I?ve had the opportunity to travel for work and also to visit different cities, such as: Dublin, London, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Basel, Vienna, Budapest and New York.

UPS is an organization with fantastic people. They are different from each other and thus amazing.

My hobby is sport, mainly soccer. For several years I've been involved with the ?UKS Białe Orły? Academy of Soccer in Warsaw.


Air Freight Supervisor ? UPS SCS

I am the Head of Air Freight at the UPS SCS (Supply Chain Solutions) Company, responsible for the needs of customers in the transport of freight by air, sea and road. I am responsible for the management of the export and import departments, and the preparation of tenders for the international transportation of goods by air. My adventure in shipping started in 2003 at Menlo Wordwide Forwarding Company, which was acquired in 2004 by UPS, thus creating the company UPS SCS. Before I became Head of the Air Freight Department, I had an opportunity to gain some knowledge outside the aviation department in the department of road and sea by occupying the position of forwarder. In 2007, I decided to develop and expand my knowledge in UPS SCS in London. For a year and a half I worked as an Agent in Air Freight Export, gaining experience in the London hub, which is divided into several sections because of its size and scope. In 2008, I returned from London to Warsaw to the position of Head of Air Export and in 2013 I accepted my current position.

Above all, for me the UPS brand is a sense of security and stability. The company cares about safety, both at work and in our private time, by providing a range of training in this area and taking care of the so–called ?work-life balance?. UPS offers opportunities for personal development and learning, by creating a friendly and family atmosphere at work, which is very important to me.

In my spare time, I am involved in all kinds of sports because I love physical activity. My passion is for mountains and trekking trips as well as scuba diving.

People Development

According to our Company philosophy, the Employees represent the most valuable asset of UPS. Indeed, the ambience and mood in the workplace are created by people. We care for our Employees' satisfaction, and we constantly monitor the level of their engagement in order to immediately identify problems that can cause work effectiveness and efficiency to decrease. We are committed to developing competencies related to both fulfilling one's duties and inspiring a positive atmosphere, good relations, and motivation. In our Company, we focus on developing our people, thus we pay special attention to trainings. We offer third–party trainings as well as internally organised workshops. Moreover, we send our employees to UPS facilities abroad so that they can see how their colleagues in other places in the world perform their work. To grow the Company and to outmatch the ever–improving competitors, we need to select employees in the best possible and most careful manner. We have developed tools that help us to identify persons having the potential for further strong professional development and, as a result, for growing the Company. We conduct, among others, internal traineeship programmes, which enable our Employees to learn how other departments function and how work is done in other cities and countries or even on other continents.


Our Company appreciates not only the long–serving employees who know every system backwards and forwards, but also young, ambitious, and creative people. Our traineeship programme is based on the willingness to draw on the knowledge, skills, and new perspectives of young people. On our part, we offer the know–how and the possibility to work with experts. We teach young people to understand the business. To us, the trainees are a source of inspiration in the search for new solutions, so in return we take part in the implementation of projects, offer the possibility to attend business meetings, and encourage to present ideas and share perspectives.

Telephone: (0)22 534 08 87


Our Company's mission is to satisfy the needs of our Clients. All Employees devote their time, skills, and competencies to keep our Customers happy and to make them feel that they are dealing with professionals. We know that the long hours that our Employees spend engaging in work demand recognition not only in the form of timely paid remunerations, but also in terms of fringe benefits. We are fully aware of the importance of the work–life balance, hence we co–finance Benefit Multisport and Benefit Multikino cards for our Employees. Each UPS Employee is also entitled to healthcare services provided by the Lux Med group. To feel safe, our people can take out life insurance at AMPLICO LIFE. Those going on foreign business trips are included in the SOS Program scheme. As an additional benefit, we offer our Employees the opportunity to participate in a Pension Scheme. We are thinking about their future. To us, a person is valuable in a long–term perspective, it is important that we feel safe not only today, but also tomorrow.


UPS Polska has led and supported volunteer initiatives among its Employees since the day it was established in Poland. As a socially engaged organisation, UPS Polska puts special emphasis on ecology. This year, the Company decided for the first time to launch a forestation campaign. With the collaboration of the Alter Eko Foundation and under the supervision of qualified foresters, 200 Employees of UPS Polska planted a total of 500 trees in the so–called Green Pits in the Chojnów Natural Park. The samplings will give rise to a new forest formation in this area. Foundations, associations, and other public benefit organisations often receive grants from the UPS Foundation, which are awarded upon request of the Employees. Moreover, an organisation can receive support only if the Employees have worked for it as volunteers for at least 50 hours. In the case of the Gajusz Foundation, the collaboration started in 2010. From this year on, the Company has actively supported the construction of a Hospice for Orphaned Children. From the very beginning of the partnership, the Volunteers from UPS have worked for a total of 309 hours for the Gajusz Foundation. For example, last Autumn, 29 people from the UPS facility in Łódź dug a 1.5–metre deep and some 45–metre long ditch for pipes feeding the Hospice's heating system. Furthermore, UPS also helps to transport furniture or building materials to the centre under construction. From its establishment in 1907, UPS has been active in the domain of corporate social responsibility. Our actions are aimed at helping local communities all over the world. In principle, we support programmes focusing on social issues, such as safety, effectiveness of non‑profit initiatives, education, economic awareness, ecology, or promotion of diversity.