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The Idea

"We are in the midst of society, and all over the world. We go through all the streets ..... We see the hungry and homeless ...... It's also about our future. Come from our cities and towns our future deliverer and sorter and technicians ..... and our future customers and aside.! It is right to help"
Mike Eskew, UPS chairman and former CEO

The UPS Foundation

While companies are seen in Germany largely to their function for the economic and financial world as a producer , employer, or market value , in the U.S. its role is emphasized much more clearly within society. The intertwining of economic and social tasks of company 's tradition. At this tradition UPS has some especially with the UPS Foundation , founded in 1951.

As a charitable foundation of the company's UPS Foundation stands for more than half a century neighborhood assistance and financial support in the cities and communities where UPS is at home. The Foundation promotes formulated in the UPS Charter task , by our behavior and by our employees in the communities in which we operate to be a committed and aware of its responsibility corporate citizen.

This goal is the UPS Foundation in particular by combating malnutrition and illiteracy meet two of the obstacles that make a man impossible a productive and independent life . In addition, the possibilities Foundation promotes volunteer work for UPS employees.

As part of the Prepared and Perishable Food Rescue Program , an initiative of the distribution already prepared perishable food , the UPS Foundation care since 1989, for example, about foods that would otherwise be disposed of shops, restaurants or hotels, for distribution to malnourished people, thanks this mission can take nutritious meals. With this initiative, UPS has helped that so far more than 90,000 tons of food were collected and distributed to needy persons; while over nine million U.S. dollars have been invested.

In the fight against illiteracy, the UPS Foundation has in recent years, more than 42,000 people allows for reading and writing training, in both private and professional life . Here, individuals or entire families receive the education that is needed to do the first decisive steps towards independence. Because illiteracy is not just reading the inability and write; often illiterate have neither adequate reception and language skills nor basic math skills that are needed in everyday life.

The third major area of activity of UPS Foundation to promote volunteer projects is mentioned. Around the globe more than 35,000 UPS employees are involved in their spare time volunteer at a variety of such projects. This includes preparing food for undernourished, child care , reading instruction for adults , home construction or renovation, for the needy, organizing charity events or helping disabled people. Last year, a total of 37 million U.S. dollars worldwide have been provided for a variety of projects.

The principle of the UPS Foundation pursues in these and other activities, there, employees and organizations to provide the necessary resources and the know -how to be an active and competent help in their communities can be . Thus, UPS presented wherever its employees are involved, not only as a company among others, but as a neighbor who is committed to the principle of mutual aid . Due to the expansion of the company into a global service provider and community involvement of UPS on the borders of the U.S., it has been extended.


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