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Technology & Innovation @ UPS

What does it take to track up to 50 million packages in a single day? A fine–tuned team of innovative technology employees for starters. And, of course, the most innovative infrastructure for package handling, delivery and supply chain solutions the world has ever known. From retrofitting our aircraft with advanced technology and fuel–efficient engines that reduce noise to developing a powerful computer network that efficiently dispatches our vehicles, we make the world work better by starting right here with our own operations. Efficiency and sustainability are at the center of everything we do.

Our commitment to technology means having the right tools for every assignment, like using a hand–held Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) as a single point of digital tracking for every package a UPSer delivers. With over 97,000 DIADs collecting and distributing package delivery data in the field, the efficiencies really add up for our employees, our customers and our bottom line. In fact, UPS spends more than $1 billion a year on information technology, so we can provide customers with unparalleled tracking and distribution intelligence. From smart phone apps and a website that handles an average of 26.2 million tracking requests a day to Worldship, our innovative support and resource center that caters to over 598,000 customers, we're built to go the extra mile.

Another example of our commitment to innovation is UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky. With the capacity to sort 416,000 packages per hour and 1.5 million daily, it shows how far the innovative thinking of a brilliant team can go. But it doesn't stop there. Our line of products and services used by our customers continue to redefine the way the world does business. That's logistics. That's UPS.


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